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Our relationship started when we met Tamika at a housewarming, she had assisted a close friend of ours with the purchase of her first home in DC. She was very pleasant and it was nice to see the realtor who helped my friend secure her first place care enough to show up to the house warming – first sign. We immediately got her card and called her within a week to help us with our search.


We viewed 25+ houses as our criteria kept changing but we eventually found THE ONE. Tamika never wavered and stayed in constant contact with us as we figured out where we’d like to live, but our story was two fold. Once we settled on a new home, we also needed to sell our old home and who better than Tamika? NO ONE! We purchased a new home in Brookland, moved and put our other house in Deanwood on the market in November 2019.


Initially, we got a lot of hits, then it slowed down. Within 4 months, in April 2019, we got an initial offer- GREAT. House was off the market but the contract fell through. After 4 months of inspections and negotiations, the house went back on the market in August 2019. A couple of weeks passed and the house is under contract AGAIN! Yay! Everything’s going great but I’m December 2019, after another 4 months, the house is back in the market! We received our third contract in December 2019 and by this time we are weary because we’ve been through this twice already. Tamika was ever so calming and talked us off the edge multiple times. Her expertise and ability to read us allowed for this relationship to function seamlessly. After a couple of months into the deal on our THIRD contract, we were getting weary again because we’ve been through this before. Tamika stayed in constant communication with the buyers agent and the city in order to keep us updated and after 3 months under contract in March 2020, we finally closed.

Tamika throughout the whole process was very patient, persistent and kept us updated. She was able able to connect us with contractors who could help us with items on the inspection list. She is truly a full service realtor and even worked on vacations.

I know for a fact that when I’m purchasing again, Tamika is the only person I’m calling. Excellent work ethic, dedication, professionalism, social awareness, client representation and unwavering support throughout the entire process and she celebrates with you once the sale is done – a class act.